Renewable Fuels: OCMP provides a quality communications and media management program with a focus on Food, Feed, and Fuel, the role of the corn producer and ethanol benefits and ethanol myths. Ethanol research is also a priority with a focus in fuel mileage benefits, engine development and specialty chemicals.

Industrial Demand

Maximizing income to corn producers requires increasing demand for all sectors of Ohio’s corn production. OCMP works to support the development of industrial products that utilize Ohio corn to facilitate a move to more bio-based products in the marketplace.

Marketing Education and Risk Management

OCMP recognizes that corn producers will encounter more risk in the current volatile market climate. Because of increased energy costs, input costs continue to increase and growers may or may not be prepared in these un-chartered times. Market research, supply and demand trends, and federal policy impacts are the main topics of interest.


Transportation is a vital cog in the success of the ethanol industry, as well as in maintaining the efficiencies of grain movement, especially regarding the movement of Distiller’s Dried Grains with Solubles (DDGS). OCMP takes interest in Ohio’s ability to move grain and DDGS using containers, an adequate river system and an economic study about Ohio’s current infrastructure.

Coordinated Activities/Projects

National Corn Growers Association, United States Grain Council, United States Meat Export Federation, USA Poultry and Egg Export Council and other entities have initiated many projects in support of market development of corn and corn products. OCMP will evaluate national and international initiatives to determine opportunities for OCMP to partner with projects that will create increased markets for corn.